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Hours for lessons: 3pm until 9pm Monday through Thursday

Fridays – workshops, ensembles, sales appts. & special events 3pm – 6pm, unless otherwise stated

Sales by appointment: 585.223.2310 or

Sales: It is always best to make an appointment to try instruments and ampsSales are in a relaxed, comfortable, no-hassle environment. Try it! We’re sure you’ll like it… It may seem a little unconventional; however, once you experience the atmosphere, you will fully understand the benefit.

The best opportunities for trying out instruments occur at the times listed below.

Monday & Tuesdays after 8pm, Weds. 3pm – 8:30, Thursday after 8 pm & Friday 3-6pm or by appointment.

From April17th through the 21st we are closed for lessons and sales. You can still call for an appointment if you wish to try some of our great product lines.

Appointments can be made in addition to the hours stated!

 *It is always preferable to call for an appointment. Thanks!