I’m still extremely pleased with the bass and I thank you for helping me make the right decision!  I’ve started to record a few tracks just for fun.  It sounds amazing so far!


Garry, Thank you for another great year of guitar lessons and new challenges! It’s been so much fun. And thank you for the opportunity of being in a new band. I can’t wait for the performances to come!


I want you and Jerry to know that you guys are very special and you have a great establishment. You both have brought me back to my guitar and I thank you. I hope I can find a place down south where I feel as comfortable and can learn as much.


It has been a blessing to Mary and our whole family and I cannot thank you enough for the encouragement you give her and for always raising the bar that she can give more!! You are a wonderful teacher.
– CM

Thanks for your help picking it out and keeping the price in our range. We’ve been blessed withlots of music & singing around our house since she got it!
– BH

What a great experience he had at your studio!

The girls loved their piano lessons yesterday- so excited with huge smiles when we left.
– LP

Thank you for mentoring my son in so many positive ways!
– MS

I love this guitar! Tone for ages…
– WG (regarding purchase of Prestige NY Standard)

Mike has been wonderful teacher for Alex. Couldn’t have asked for a better fit for him!

Music has changed my life, it’s given me a purpose in my community…if it wasn’t for you, I never would have found that.
– AM

You are such a positive influence on so many young adult’s lives…helping them find their direction and passion in this crazy, crazy world. –JE

You have helped me tremendously by teaching me and allowing me to do what I love. Coming to the studio is one of the best times of the week. Manuel’s Music Studio has given me some of the best experiences of my life. I loved going to lessons every week and often wished I could have gone every day.
— DS

Music/guitar is a huge, if not the biggest part of my life. And in a big way, I have you to thank. I’m currently in 3 different bands, with varying styles, but all quite loud.
— NW

I wouldn’t be where I am today without you guys.
— JA

He loved having Teddy for his teacher. She was awesome and we were all so pleased with his progress.
— RA

Your studio has been a HUGE part of both my boys lives over the past 10 +years! Your guidance, patience, understanding of their individual needs, and friendship, has meant very much. I believe in my heart that their music, and passion for it, has helped shape them into the young men I am proud of today.

Thank you again for all you have given us through the years.
— BF

I can’t thank you enough for pushing me out of my comfort zone to sing and play harmonica and just be overall more confident with my music. Music changes the world because it changes people!
— CH

This is the first year Sam has been a part of the recital, and we were so impressed by the quality and variety of music. Thank you for putting this opportunity together for the students to perform.
— MS

Thank you for your wonderful music studio! Jeremy loves his lessons!
— TE

I wanted to let you know that we had a great time at the recital on Sunday and enjoyed all of the kids performances. I wanted to let you know that I have enjoyed all these years of my children having music lessons through your wonderful music studio!! You have always been so gracious and polite to me under all circumstances and I will never forget that!!
— CM

I just wanted to contact you to thank you for all you’ve done to help me get where I am in my musical career today. Not that I’m a rock star now or anything, but in the past couple of years I’ve really started enjoying my playing more and because of this, I’ve greatly improved as a guitarist. The technical stuff I learned with you at a young age has really helped with this.
— KA

It was a great experience for Patrick. I will recommend your studio to anyone looking for music instruction.
— KD

I can not tell you how much Manuel’s has helped to make him love the instruments. Thank you.
— SW

Thank you so much for preparing this information. You always do such a complete job, with links, options, dollars… You are a great resource!
— DC

You taught me more in one lesson then anything I learned from all the others I’ve taken in the past, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. You are excellent at what you do. My best to you in all you do, and I’ll be sure to send anyone who wants to learn music your way.
— JP

Thank you for your generosity. Thank you for your support. And thank you for your wonderful studio! You really make a difference in the lives of young music students.

We will miss you but you will always be a part of the blessings of our family. MANUEL’S MUSIC STUDIO is our #1 recommendation!
— GF

Dear Mr. Manuel,
I wanted to thank you for everything you’ve done for me over the years and it’s been a blessing having your for a teacher!
— CC

Thanks for being such a great teacher throughout the years Garry.
— SS

I want to take this opportunity to thank you for helping to provide a superior music experience and training to Dan. I am thrilled and grateful to you and Mike for all the support and guidance you have provided. Mike is one-of-a kind. He is a gifted musician and teacher. And he has been an exceptional role model for Dan. He has given valuable lessons that I know Dan will carry for the rest of his life. I am so appreciative for him.

Just a note to express my appreciation of your music studio!! I feel that both have grown tremendously this year as young musicians!
— RS

Thank you for all your spectacular instruction.
— CC

Dear Garry and Mary,
Thank you for bringing the gift of music into my life and sharing yourselves with me. I cannot express how much it has meant to me to receive your guidance and love through the years.
— EN

I know that I gained knowledge of the things that actually meant something to me personally, and one of those things was the four years of guitar that I had the pleasure of learning from someone who developed into a good friend as well as a valued instructor.
— TJ

Thanks as always for all the time and effort you put forth to make the coffeehouse happen. This year was as fabulous as last year.
— LS

I’ve had a lot of fun so far, you’re an excellent teacher.
— PM

God has gifted you in a great way. Thanks for sharing that with K. We thank God for you.
— T & K

Adam was an excellent teacher, and we were both happy with his professionalism, as well as with your music studio. The recital was great too, and very entertaining.
— CS

Just wanted to let you know that I appreciate your generosity and help with getting a new guitar. I love playing it and look forward to coming to lessons this year.
— DF

Thank you so much for everything that you’ve done for me over the past six years! Your passion for music and your generosity are prevalent every day. I loved coming to my lessons every Monday, thanks for making them so much fun!
— KE

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